Helen Lindon - 'Painted Journeys'

Perhaps it is the desire to make a journey that opens our eyes.
Lindon's paintings invite us to make a journey, one that is open to discovery and may awaken inventiveness in all who view them.

A journey begins with but a single step and each painting assays new ground as the artist seeks to find paths to explore. There is a layering process, transparent and revealing of varying depths, which also challenge our perceptions of where pictorial space truly resides. We can begin to travel through spaces which at one moment appear to recede and the next come forward, appearing at times to advance into the reality of our own space. The line that meanders across a surface at first glance may seem to be the last impression made upon the canvas, but then reveals itself to have been the first mark. While transparent, the layers of paint refract the light, rendering rich tones and deep colours - spaces which are tangible and yet indefinite.

There are allusions to spaces which may not at first be evident, a sense that the world within the paintings edges may expand beyond these horizons. There are notions of infinity, veils of colour interwoven with chords, defining forms which at once resonate with boundaries that are the pictures edge and offer a bridge into the architecture of the surrounding space.

Each image changes with different light, surfaces which are reflective and absorbing, shift in their impression as the early light of the day intensifies and mellows as the sun sets. These are paintings which change with time, which reward the viewer in their subtlety and which live in the mind. They are images to be lived with.

Nathan Cohen
Artist, curator, writer